Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trick to get access into Facebook, YouTube and other Social Networking sites in Schools and Offices

Get access to Blocked websites in offices and Colleges with this Trick:

Well, This post is for all those guys who are really dying without facebook and social networking in the premises of their College or Offices. I also was suffering from the same situation my company has blocked all the social networking websites, torrent site , porn sites, and other music sites etc. These people were using FortiGuard to block all the traffic to above mentioned websites. Basically all the companies and organization uses Web Filtering application those want to block some unwanted sites.This way they they create a proxy point to let the data pass through this point and the this application applies filtering rules over this data for the valid access to the sites. But if some how you could bypass this point then it could be the way to get access to your desired site.Although you all know that proxy servers are the way to go to these sites in the same way but Web filtering application prevents you to go to any proxy site.

Role of Proxy server in Networking

So what should be the solution for this situation> i have tried a lot but didn't find a proxy site which could provide me the access to go there. Finally I have come across to a tiny application which was hosted on Google Apps. This tiny application is named as "Blue Box".If you go to this application then it will provide you the access to social networking sites.All you need to do is to follow these steps:

1. Download Mozilla Firefox Browser from Here.
2. Now press CTRL+SHIFT+A to open Add-Ons window.
3.Now search for Blue Box Add-on.
4.Click on Install button to install this Add-one.
5.Now restart the bowser to make changes.
6.Go to Google and search for Facebook here.
7. Right click on the first result for
8. open with Blue Box.

You are done with all the configurations and you will see the real facebook page and now proceed further to have fun.

If you have further queries then please let me know in comments.

Have fun guys !!