Thursday, December 9, 2010

Change Google logo text to Your Name-

How to Change Google Doodle with your Own Text? -

How would you like to replace the boring Google Text Logo with your own name or any names that look appealing to you? It really looks cool to me, now there is no more Google Logo Text in my firefox browser. What’s I have now is the Amit Tyagi Search Engine!! LOL!

If you find this trick looks really cool, here’s how to make your own Google Logo Text. Please note that this trick only apply for firefox browser.

1. First, you need to install the GreaseMonkey firefox add-on
2. Next, install the required scriptOnce finished, 
3. Go for
4. Double clicks the Google Logo and a box will appear similar to            
   the figure below.

  • Now, you can type your own text ( letters and space ) and assign different color for each letter.

  • In color edit box, type the numbers: 1 – blue, 2 – red, 3 – yellow, 4 – green or other – random.

  • Click the “Change” button when finished and you will noticed the new Google Logo Text. 

  • Change the Google Doodle with your favourite one:-

    In the above section, I have shown you on how to Replace the Google text logo with any names you like. Well, the trick is pretty old now. So, it’s time to learn a new trick. This time you will learn on how to Replace the logo on Google homepage with your favourite Google Doodle.
    I believe everyone is familiar with the Google Doodle (also known as the Google Holiday Logo). Our big brother Google has been dressing up its logo for festive occasions since 1998. The first Google Doodle was the Burning Man Festival of 1998.
    Favorite Doodle is a new Greasemonkey script that allows you to Replace the boring logo on the Google homepage and search results page with your favourite Google Doodle. Since we are going to use a Greasemonkey script, this method is applicable to Firefox only.
    First, install the Greasemonkey extension on your Firefox browser if you don’t already have. Restart your browser after the installation. Then, install the Favorite Doodle script.
    Now, go to If the Google logo has changed to Google Lego logo, it’s mean that the script is working fine.
    Next, pick the Doodle that you like from the official Google Doodle Gallery. I hope you don’t have hard time to pick one as your favourite Doodle. I know, most of the Doodles, if not all, are simply great. :-)

    Once you have made a choice, simply click on the ”Make This My Favorite Doodle” button under your favourite Google Doodle to make the Google Doodle permanent on the Google homepage.
    So, will you still see new logos on holidays? Don’t worry, you wouldn’t miss any single new doodle on Google homepage. Whenever a new Google Doodle is shown, your favourite doodle will be replaced by the new doodle for that particular day. After the holiday, your favourite doodle will be displayed again.
    However, if you want, you can disable new Google Doodle from showing. Simply select “Favorite Doodle -> Always show my favorite doodle, even on holidays” option from the Greasemonkey “User Script Commands” menu.
    Disable New Google Doodle from Showing

    So this was all about the Googling in my own way. Next trick will be published soon over Google tweaking.


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    2. Hi why i can not double click on google logo

    3. Hello dear!! Have you installed Grease monkey Add-ons to your mozilla firefox????Untill you don't do that you will not be able to double click on google logo...

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    5. which scripts are compulasry to download for greasmonkey user scripts

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