Wednesday, March 9, 2011

creating a Port scanner in C -

#include                                             //standard library function
                                     //for socket n networking functions
                                    //for socket function
                                     //for networking
                                         //for database......... not required........ here
                                           //stad library function hope u guys know abt this

/* Main programs starts*/
int main(int argc, char **argv)                                   //argc
   int   sd;         //socket descriptor
   int    port;         //port number
   int   start;         //start port
   int    end;         //end port
   int    rval;         //socket descriptor for connect
   char    response[1024];      //to receive data
   char   *message="shell";       //data to send
   struct hostent *hostaddr;   //To be used for IPaddress
   struct sockaddr_in servaddr;   //socket structure

   if (argc < 4 )
      printf("------Created By
softhardware n");
      printf("Usage: ./tscan
      return (EINVAL);
   start = atoi(argv[2]);                                                           //Takes the starting port number to scan from
   end   = atoi(argv[3]);                                                          // FOr last port number that has to be scanned

   for (port=start; port<=end; port++)

         //portno is ascii to int second argument

   sd = socket(PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, IPPROTO_TCP); //created the tcp socket // PF_INET==family name AF_INET can also be used, SOCK_STREAM is how data bytes have to be sent, IPPRPTP_TCP== which protocol to follow, UDP or TCP

   if (sd == -1) // THis fucntion checks for the socket creation, if socket is created successful then continue else....                         print error
     return (errno);

   memset( &servaddr, 0, sizeof(servaddr));

   servaddr.sin_family = AF_INET;  //FAMILY NAME
   servaddr.sin_port = htons(port); //set the portno

   hostaddr = gethostbyname( argv[1] ); //get the ip 1st argument

   memcpy(&servaddr.sin_addr, hostaddr->h_addr, hostaddr->h_length);

   //below connects to the specified ip in hostaddr

   rval = connect(sd, (struct sockaddr *) &servaddr, sizeof(servaddr));
   if (rval == -1)
   printf("Port %d is closed\n", port);
   printf("Port %d is open\n",port);

   close(sd);         //socket descriptor


[for unix platform]

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